Fund Her North is a Northern-based, volunteer collective of over 28 women (in VC’s, funding organisations and angel groups), with a combined investment power of over £450 million.

Each of the members of the Fund Her North collective has already made a lasting effect on female entrepreneurs in the North, with a combined investment track record of over £75 million invested in female-led, start-up businesses.

We believe we are the only organisation of its kind in the UK that brings together women in the investment industry in this way to support female founders.

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Having launched virtually in October 2020, Fund Her North is aligned with the strategic growth ambition of the Northern Powerhouse, aswell as the findings of the Rose Review and the Investing in Women Code. Find out more about our launch here.


Since it's launch, Fund Her North has established it's steering committee, published it's website, hosted two pitch events (attended by more than 130 people) and an education workshop on accessing scale up funding.

Female-led businesses receive less funding than those headed by men at every stage of their journey. Start-up funding is the #1 barrier mentioned by women non-entrepreneurs: women launch businesses with 53% less capital on average than men, are less aware of funding options and less likely to take on debt. Only 1% of all venture funding goes to businesses founded by all-female teams, inhibiting scale up.

The Alison Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship

Female Developers


We understand that it can be tough to find the confidence to approach investors, and that perceived biases can stop us from realising our potential. We pride ourselves on being approachable - no question is “stupid” and with our connected and unique ecosystem, we can signpost the right level of support.


Register with Fund Her North and become a member. Membership is completely free of charge with no hidden costs. Membership benefits include the opportunity to apply for mentorship, access educational material, submit enquiries to the collective and receive news about upcoming events.