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Koothara Malayalam Movie Free Download




The movie was produced by Vini Vishwa Lal under the banner of Bharathan Movies. The film was selected as the Indian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards. Plot The plot is set in the early 1960s and starts with a young boy named Eeshikathu (Sivaji Guruvayoor) who is the nephew of Jayaraj (Suriya), a fisherman and his elder sister Nallappuzha (Kamala Kamesh). Jayaraj works for the local landlord (Janardhanan) and is the captain of his fishing fleet. In the second half of the film, Eeshikathu starts school at St. Thomas college where he is bullied by a popular kid named Arun (Chali Pala). Eeshikathu tries to befriend Arun, who is the son of the vice-principal. At home, Nallappuzha tells him about his ancestors who used to keep a huge treasure in a cave and that it was taken away by British forces. She says that she knows the exact location of the cave and she wants to take the treasure. Eeshikathu asks her not to go there and then asks Arun to help her, but the latter does not do anything. Jayaraj returns home on one of his trips, and he tells them that there is a huge treasure in the cave. The next day, Nallappuzha and Arun and some of their friends go to the cave and find the treasure. They go to the nearby village to get money to hire an excavator. Jayaraj does not like the fact that they found the treasure, and Eeshikathu understands this. He leaves the family and goes to the cave to take the treasure by himself. At the cave, Eeshikathu meets a girl named Geethu who is a distant relative of his. He brings her back to the village and hides her. He then returns to the cave and takes the treasure. Nallappuzha and Arun come to the cave to take away the treasure, but Eeshikathu gives the treasure to Nallappuzha in exchange for Geethu, and is then shocked to see that she is dead. Nallappuzha tries to convince him that she has been dead for a long time and that there is no treasure, but he does not believe her



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Koothara Malayalam Movie Free Download

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