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Women Angels of the North Education Hub

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Accessible Education for Women Angel investors

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What is the Women Angels of the North Education Hub?

As part of its mission to tackle to UK funding gap for female-led UK businesses, Women Angels of the North, the all-female angel investment syndicate set up by Fund Her North, have launched a Women Angels Education Hub in partnership with the UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA).

The Women Angels Education Hub offers a full 12-hour Women Angels Investor Education Programme, which consists of workshops, presentations, interactive sessions and meeting angel investors who are actively investing here in the North .

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Who is the Education Hub for?

The Women Angels Education Hub has been created for women who are looking to find out more about angel investing, or who are wanting to learn more following some initial involvement.

The Education Hub, also provides support and guidance to corporate and intermediary organisations who are wishing to introduce their networks and clients to the world of business angel investing. 


It is clear that there is work to be done to help educate women on angel investing, and the opportunities it poses not just to businesses, but to the investors themselves. We identified a need to create a platform where women could access vital resources specifically on angel investment. With the majority of the investment landscape dominated by men, we are prioritising providing approachable, but not patronising, expertise.

Jordan Dargue
Founder of the Women Angels of the North

Access WAOTN Education Hub Workshops and Other Resources

The Education Hub programme of workshops and events showcases how to be an effective angel investor. 


The programme includes an A-Z of Angel Investing which gives a comprehensive understanding of what angel investing is followed by bitesize workshops which break down the due diligence process, from what makes a great team,  understanding valuations and business financials, what makes a good market opportunity to understanding what investors should look for when assessing an opportunity. 

The Education Hub programme, gives women investors all of the tools and support they need to make better informed decisions when it comes to investing in businesses.