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Investing in Innovation and Creativity

The Women Angels of the North are a women-led business angel investment network and syndicate offering a fresh approach to investing in female founders across the North of England.


The Women Angels of the North is powered by Fund Her North, and was established to co-invest into innovation and creativity based sectors providing vital capital for early stage female and diverse founders.

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As part of its mission to tackle to UK funding gap for female-led UK businesses, Women Angels of the North, the all-female angel investment syndicate set up by Fund Her North, is set to launch a Women Angels Education Hub in partnership with the UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA).

The Women Angels Education Hub offers a full 12-hour Women Angels Investor Education Programme in conjunction with the UKBAA and part of the national ‘Women Backing Women’ campaign.

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Supporting female founders to grow and scale their business

The Women Angels of the North was launched as a natural progression of Fund Her North.  The Fund Her North initiative launched in October 2020 and is a collective of women entrepreneurs and investors across the North of England that aim to help female entrepreneurs and female-led businesses to gain investment, confidence, and support in a business landscape they often find more challenging than their male counterparts.


In the summer of 2021 – the Women Angels of the North syndicate was formed. At this time, there are no other women syndicates in the Northern Powerhouse region. 

We have created a landing place for women investors regardless of their investment experience and criteria to join a welcoming network of like minded individuals who are keen to support and want to back female founders seeking investment.


Total raise: over £425k including £150k RAIA grant.


Atelerix’s technology provides an innovative solution for storing and transporting cells and tissues at room temperature. This revolutionary method extends the shelf life of cells without the need to freeze them.

Total raise: £225k

Safer Date.png

It is the only online dating platform that carries out a full ID, global enhanced criminal background and insolvency checks on every member before they are allowed to join. 

Total raise: £850k


BelleVie offer a unique approach to living at home. Unlike other home care providers, their team of compassionate, caring Wellbeing Support Workers are on-hand to support you in all aspects of your life. 

Meet some of the Women Angels of the North


Jordan Dargue, Founder - Fund Her North | Board Director - NorthInvest

I am delighted by the response in which the Women Angels of the North Syndicate has received to date. Women Angels of the North provides a fantastic gateway into angel investing for women investors. Whether they have invested previously or are new to this landscape we provide a supportive and educational environment for members that is free from judgement.


Helen Oldham, Founder - Fund Her North | Founding Board Director - NorthInvest

We've been so impressed with the speed at which this syndicate has formed and the high calibre of the women investors in the group. The excitement at being able to make a collective difference in supporting female entrepreneurs was palpable at our first two pitch events. We're excited at what the future holds for this group

Our Investment Criteria

Individual Investment:
£2k per deal

Suitable for all investors regardless of investment experience

Angel Funding

Round Size:
£50k to £250k

EIS/SEIS Elgible

Are you looking to support a female entrepreneur as an NED or an advisor?

As a member of the Women Angels of the North syndicate, you will also get access to founders who are not only looking to raise capital but are also looking for expertise and advice.

We help these founders by introducing them to experienced Non Executive Directors and Advisors.

To sign up as an NED or Advisor in our network follow the link below.

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