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Fund Her North exists to support female entrepreneurs throughout their funding journey, our mission is to close the UK's gender funding gap.

We do this by providing direct access to female decision makers, across the investment ecosystem who come together to provide support and guidance to help you meet funding objectives.


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As a founder that is still developing your idea or concept into a business, we understand that it can be difficult to access the support you need, especially if you are a first-time founder.

Fund Her North is designed to assist you with access to funding when you are ready. But to give you the support you need to become investment ready, we have partnered with NatWest & The Rose Review who offer a range of resources to founders at all stages from the idea stage.

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NatWest & The Rose Review - supporting female entrepreneurs to start & scale their business

In 2019, The Rose Review highlighted the stark disparity between male and female entrepreneurs, and the unrealised potential that represents for the UK economy. Key findings included:

Women receive less than 1% of venture capital and have an  average starting capital 50% lower than men

They are less aware of funding options than men, which  presents a huge opportunity.

Over 1,100 new businesses launch in Britain each day, but only one in three of the entrepreneurs involved is female

Businesses led by women are typically only 44% the size of  male-led businesses, and five times less likely to scale up

Female entrepreneurs are under-represented in transport and  information technology, two of the most productive sectors of  the UK economy

Find out more about The Rose Review here

If you would like to have a chat to see how we can support you ourselves or signpost you to other business support organisations, please sign-up as a member with Fund Her North for a referral. 


A collective of over 40 women (in VC’s, funding organisations and angel groups), with a combined investment power of over £1.2 billion, is standing by to help you access the funds to launch your business.

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