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UBS partnership marks latest milestone for Fund Her North

Fund Her North are delighted to announce a new partnership with UBS, one of the world's leading global wealth managers!

The partnership with UBS will extend our network and capabilities to support female entrepreneurs who are looking for personal finance advice and guidance around funding strategies from start up through to growth phases.

UBS will provide support and expertise to High Net Worth members and those who may need guidance on the personal impact of any additional business funding, or sale of a business. Through the UBS Project Female Founder programme, UBS will match female entrepreneurs with an adviser to support them with their growth ambitions.

Additionally, the partnership will provide our private investors with wealth management advice and guidance with their investments, building on the organisation’s investor network.

Jane Booth, North West regional head at UBS, will be given a seat on Fund Her North’s advisory board as part of the partnership and will participate in a series of events targeted at female entrepreneurs and relevant individuals to UBS.

Samantha Piddington, co-founder and strategic partnerships lead at Fund Her North, said: “UBS is strongly aligned to our mission to address the imbalances in access to finance for female founded businesses, so it was an obvious fit for our next phase with Fund Her North.

“They are able to bring a unique perspective, not only supporting female entrepreneurs with high growth ambitions, but also playing an important role in supporting our female investors. We know that female founders are two thirds more likely to receive investment from female investors, so it’s absolutely vital that those with the capital to invest have trusted advisers, and we are grateful that UBS can provide this.”

Jane Booth, North West regional head at UBS, said: “UBS is delighted to be a Cornerstone Partner for Fund Her North. It is essential that female entrepreneurs and investors are confident in making long-term financial decisions as this not only increases their chances of financial security but also allows them to feel more positive about the future and achieve their growth ambitions. I am pleased that we are able to provide this support to Fund Her North’s members. This partnership strongly aligns with UBS’s long-standing global program focused on empowering women with financial decision-making, addressing their financial needs and gender lens investing.

Key to our work is establishing partnerships with organisations that support investment opportunities for female-founded businesses and our investor network. We have huge growth plans, and are working hard to continue to challenge the norm and make business funding more accessible for female-founded businesses ready for growth.

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