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Hi there!

I'm a 47 year old Mum first, business owner second, and somewhere in between I am a wife, friend and a girl who loves Liverpool FC, Captain Morgan and a jar of Nutella!

My background has always been in PR and Marketing and when I turned 30 I was thrust into a fortunate position of starting a business with my former CEO and MD, which gave me the taste and drive for working for myself.

I spent 5 years with ispace (innovating space ltd). I then co-founded Fred Marketing ltd in Hull, and then following 4 rounds of IVF and the birth of my premature twins, I sold my shares to my business partners and re-considered my focus in life.

Whilst the 2lb twins were growing during their 10 weeks in NICU, so was a germ of an idea for a new business, inspired by the lack of specific goods for premature babies and their families. 2 years later, The Lovely Keepsake Company launched, an online gift store, dedicated to innovative gift ideas to help cherish special occasions and milestones all through life.

I continue to have an active interest in raising awareness of Secondary Infertility and NICU families. I wrote a book 'More Love To Give' about our fertility journey, I write features, run a FB support group and website as well as public speaking at Fertility Shows. Our family raised £52,722 for a new transport incubator for the NICU unit that cared for our twins and I am proud that our business continues to raise funds for both the Hull unit and the national charity Bliss.

In the first five years of TLKC, which was, in all honestly, managed whilst bringing up my precious family, I learned that there are a number of niche markets in the gifting industry that are under catered for and that I have a first hand experience of.

Summer 2020 saw the launch of new online stores: Lovely NICU Gifts and Lovely Memorial Gifts, and the birth of the Gift Group umbrella that will hopefully house and facilitate future new gift sites for other niche markets.

Our progress to date has been organic and it's taught us some valuable lessons. We have a clear blueprint for growth, a focussed business plan pulling on our key strengths, knowledge, expertise and experience, and we are hugely positive about the next three years in particular. The Lovely Gift Group is a business led by the heart but quickly backed up with a financial plan that demonstrates a real business opportunity for targetteting niche markets in an hugely profitable yet saturated gifting market. The plans are huge, the opportunities real, the appetite is insane and I'm excited to see what happens next!

Helen Davies

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